Description of headshots session approch and helpful info.

Headshots Style Trends:
 No absolutes there is always something new outside the box and actors can be artists.
Depending on an actors market and level Los Angeles headshots have become typically specific to casting breakdowns terminology. In relating to headshots style, being specific is more common in commercial shots and smaller roles but commercials can pay very well.
Commercial headshots style are more of a safe formula and is currently effective, a headshot photographer should instinctively understand the lighting, styling, and composure of this safer headshots style.
Commercial headshots are usually "real person" that can be related to and leans towards a happier side of life, because of the discovery of an amazing product... Lighting is typically softer and flatter meaning no shadows with good pop but not distracting with contrast to background..
1/2 hour Comedy can be similar to commercial headshots in lighting style and wardrobe, it can be about the dark side of life but packaged in something network safe. Standup comedy is more editorial in style. 
 Theatrical headshots style have more creative freedom but still typically need to have a specific market goal intact. Its theatrical but what is it selling based on breakdowns terminology. 
Opinions vary more on seller and buyer side for theatrical headshots but the difference from commercial headshots is that they are more honest about life and the struggles of humanity "drama". Theatrical headshots should have depth.
More so in New York and definitely in the UK is a flatter emotion style that for some works theatrically but for others can appear to be brain dead.
Theatrical headshots need some dimension with lighting and styling that can bring life and backstory that draws market interest. Lighting can be hard or soft with minimal to heavy shadowing.
 Editorial headshots style "the actor the person" is effective in casting if it is extraordinary and something draws the viewer in.
This style is good as a publicity punch for established talent or projecting confidence in your personal character that can jump start to bigger theatrical reads. Lighting is similar to theatrical lighting options.
 Style can vary per market knowing what you are selling in a general or specific sense is key to effective headshots.
Everything in a headshot adds up to its effectiveness, the lighting style, the wardrobe style layering colors, the hair style, the background, the expression the composure and the shooting style camera, lens and post processing.
A headshot photographer needs to have insight to all of these elements with a market sense, something to go after to say "we got it".

How do I work?
Looks, market sense goals, backgrounds, lighting, style, agent/manager request and wardrobe selection are figured out before the shoot and I stay open to spontaneous possibilities during the shoot.
I shoot with variety of lighting options to best capture the unique selling points of each look.
Images are reviewed and processed during the shoot to check the progress and make adjustments if needed.
I shoot headshots in studio with mainly flash and sometimes natural light, rarely shoot outside but if it can make the shot will do.
I prefer the control and versatility of flash lighting and light modifiers.
I believe in avoiding distracting backgrounds I use some even textures, solid complimentary colors or neutral tones in background. 
My style ranges from common formula commercial to high end beauty and editorial portraiture.

Wardrobe options are very important, avoid wrinkles and please bring on hangers. I have a steamer.
Consult with reps on specific looks bring several options for each and bring items that you like for yourself.
Know what you are selling be specific including hair changes, dress the part.
If its period research the hair and wardrobe for that period.
If its a general editorial then just bring what you like.
Believe in and sell you, what you have, dont hide what you have, there is a market for every human.
Bring specific as well as simple items like t-shirts, camisoles, sweaters and layers, don't forget that jacket...

By phone after 7pm, email for phone contact.

Getting your images:
All headshots digital files are uploaded to Reproductions, you will get a link from them to your web gallery good for 90 days.
There is a 4 number pin in the Reproductions proofs gallery link email.
This pin is to download all of the smaller size proofs.
You can separately download all of the full size headshots from the entire shoot for $10.

To download all full size headshots from Reproductions :
Go to proofs gallery from Reproductions email.
1. Click on any image.
2. Click on Buy Photo. NOTE... This does not mean you are buying only one photo, this brings you to the next menu.
3. Scroll down till you see Digital, "All Photos Download (High Resolution)" click on the "+" to add one to cart.
4. Click on View Cart.
5. Click on Checkout.

Its $10 to download all of the full size images from Reproductions from the entire shoot.
If I give you the files myself in any tangible physical form including copying from my computer to your flash drive I would need to collect tax 9.5% on the entire cost of the shoot and pay it to the state.
Digital media delivered through the internet is non taxable in California the shoot is then a non taxable service not a retail transaction.

Hair / Makeup:
You may bring any makeup person you wish or I have a list of referrals.
Makeup is booked separately with the makeup/hair artist, i do not book makeup for you.

Where is studio located: North Hollywood Arts District.
Is there parking: Yes free guest parking in covered garage.
Where are you from: Live in Burbank Grew up in Boston.
How long to get pics: usually 4 business days from Reproductions.
How long is shoot: typically 3 hours men, 4 hours women for 3-4 looks.
Do you need "RAW" files: No, a raw file is unreadable without a raw editor its an unfinished, unedited data file that needs to be processed to jpg.
Do you offer any retouching: All headshots are post processed from raw to jpg, color corrected, adjusted exposure and contrast, some processing is done on each look while shooting so you can see the end result. I dont do any retouching as in remove acne, fly away hairs or wrinkles in clothes. Need for any retouching is minimal with the various lighting options and attention to detail. If you have acne and need retouching its offered through Reproductions or you can use anyone you like.

Thank you
Headshots Los Angeles