Actor Headshots Information

actor headshots information

How do I work :
I prefer several wardrobe options for each look and additional items you like for yourself or more editorial style.
We go over wardrobe hair makeup for each look.
Shoot then review images, make adjustments if needed and shoot again..
Images are post processed during shoot to see final results.
Love the cleanness of flash lighting but also shoot natural light (huge windows in studio).
I have extensive experience with both and often shoot both during a shoot.
Often i will change the lighting per look or sometimes double shoot one look with 2 lighting or background options.
We may also double down on hair style or wardrobe if needed.
Lighting is tailored to each look (many options) may take 5-10 minutes for new light setup.

Bring the wardrobe, rent, borrow, return..
I can wardrobe consult by phone after 7pm.
For career consult
Wardrobe also try
Consult with reps on specific looks
and/or do what you want be an artist.
Have an idea of hair for each look your after.

Actor Headshots Common Questions:
Where is studio located: Studio City its a new building, big, clean, professional, artsy and fun.
Is there parking: Yes free guest parking in covered garage.
Where are you from: Boston.
How long to get pics: usually 1-2 days googledrive link download all full size images.
How long is shoot: typically 3 hours men, 4 hours women for 3-4 looks.
Can I bring own makeup artist: yes.
Can I split shoot into 2 separate days for a hair change: Time is allowed to change hair for new look during shoot if longer than 45min to change hair then new shoot but the 100 returning client discount does apply.
Can i shoot with friend same shoot: No its unfocused energy.
Can I bring my wife, husband, moral support team: Under 18, must be with parent. Adults, no unnessasary guest please its unfocused energy, hair/makeup, stylist, agent or manager only upon request.

Getting your images:
As of December 15 2018
Free download of all hi res images with 6 month googledrive gallery.
Please download all images and make backups.
To download all full size images from googledrive:
Top of page click on “download all”

If you shot before December 15 2018 Gallery expires after 90 days you can contact them directly for download link.
All headshots digital files are uploaded to .
There is a 4 number pin in the Reproductions proofs gallery link email.
This pin is to download all of the smaller size proofs.
You can separately download all of the full size headshots from the entire shoot from reproductions for $10.

To download all full size headshots from Reproductions :
Go to proofs gallery from Reproductions email.
1. Click on any image.
2. Click on Buy Photo. NOTE... This does not mean you are buying only one photo, this brings you to the next menu.
3. Scroll down till you see Digital, "All Photos Download (High Resolution)" click on the "+" to add one to cart.
4. Click on View Cart.
5. Click on Checkout.

All images are only delivered electronically through the internet.
If I give you the files myself in any tangible physical form including copying from my computer to your flash drive I would need to collect state tax on the entire cost of the shoot. Selling retail items requires a retail license.
Electronic transfer of digital images delivered through the internet is non taxable in California the shoot is then a service and not a retail transaction.

Hair / Makeup:
You may bring any makeup person you wish or I have a list of referrals.
Makeup is booked separately with the makeup/hair artist, i do not book makeup for you.

Headshots Use.
Images may be used for all casting purposes, self promotion, personal websites and personal social media.
Use of images by third party publications, press announcements, films, videos, audio, productions, print, music, products, advertisements, requires a signed release agreement by James DePietro Photography and must have consent by persons in image.
Copyright is owned by James DePietro Photography.
Images may be used by James DePietro Photography for portfolio purposes only, any third party inquiries are referred to person/persons in image.
The integrity of my work is kept in high regards.

All actor headshots are post processed from raw to jpg, color corrected, adjusted exposure and contrast, some processing is done on each look while shooting so you can see the end result.
Need for any retouching is minimal with the various lighting options and attention to detail.

Actor Headshots Retouching 40 per image.
100 plus value
I retouch at pixel level mainly dodge burn and frequency separation with mainly color frequency this is time consuming but leaves the natural skin texture intact looks more realistic and high end compared to a typical quick smudge retouch done in 10 minutes, i also make adjustments with an eye for detail, facial structures, hair line, shadows and highlights.
Retouching includes:
Fine tune color correction
Fine tune exposure, contrast, saturation
Remove unwanted blemishes
Balance skin tones with texture intact, frequency separation and doge burn
Remove fly away hairs
Remove circles under eyes
Clean sharpen eyes, dodge burn for natural looking eye whites
Liquify Tool
Artistic highlight and shadowing
2x3 and 4x5 crop hi res and low res for web

Thank you
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